WISENET Wireless RS485


The WISENET is a Wireless RF connectivity Industrial platform being promoted as an upgrade for conventional wired RS485 communication systems. The technology is home grown and developed in house at CPARK labs.

It is designed specially for solar PV Plants monitoring applications where the string monitoring boxes are all distributed and spread-out across acres of land. with WISENET it becomes easy to collect data over the air using field proven wireless technology. This is applicable for any plant size, few kilowatts to 100s of megawatt sized plants.


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  • completely Transparent Modbus <–> Wireless <–> Modbus link.
  • Low cost and convenient replacement to existing wired RS485 communication without any custom programming.
  • operates in License Free Band.
  • Robust and self Forming : A “Mesh” design that autonomously establishes “connections” or “routing paths” between each wireless node and the gateway.
  • Deployment with NO disruptions to Operations.
  • In-Air data security for wireless packets exchanged among nodes.
  • Data literally “hops” from one Node to another. This drastically improves the range and coverage area of the Newtwork.
  • Easy setup through CPARK’s WiseNet Configurator Software.


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