The REYAX RYS8830 is built on the high performance of the SONY CXD5605GF CXD5605AGF GNSS engine.
The RYS8830 modules utilize concurrent reception of GNSS systems offering high sensitivity in a small SMD form factor.

Specification :


Item Min. Typical Max. Unit Condition
Power Supply Voltage 1.71 1.8 1.89 V VDD
0.9 1.8 1.95 V VDD_LDO_IN
Satellite acquisition Current 20 mA
Satellite tracking Current 13 mA
Idle Current 3 mA Waiting for command
Sleep0 mode current 0.6 mA
Sleep1 mode current 200 uA
Sleep2 mode current 200 uA
I2C slave I2C clock : 400kHz

Address length : 7 bits

Slave address : 0x24

Default Baud Rate  115200 bps 8,N,1
Digital input level high 0.7*VDD VDD+0.3 V VIH
Digital input level low -0.3 0.3*VDD V VIL
Digital output level high 0.8*VDD VDD V VOH 2mA
Digital output level low 0 0.2*VDD V VOL 2mA
Flash size 8 M-bit
GNSS Center Frequency 1561.098



MHz BeiDou



Navigation update rate 1 Hz
Accuracy 1 M Signal strength is -130dBm
Cold starts 35 Sec. Signal strength is -130dBm
Hot starts 1 Sec.
Tracking Sensitivity -161 dBm
Hot starts Sensitivity -160 dBm
Cold starts Sensitivity -147 dBm
Operating Temperature -40 25 +85 ˚C
Dimensions 11mm*11mm*2.2mm


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