The RYLR998 transceiver module features the Lora long-range modem that provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity whilst minimizing current consumption.

  • NUVOTON MCU & Semtech LoRa Engine
  • Excellent blocking immunity
  • Low receive current
  • High sensitivity
  • Control easily by AT commands
  • Built-in antenna


Add-ons total:





Item Min. Typical Max. Unit Condition
VDD Power Supply 1.8 3.3 3.6 V VDD
RF Output Power Range -20 22 dBm
Filter insertion loss 1 2 3 dB
RF Sensitivity -129 dBm
RF Input Level 10 dBm
Frequency Range 820 868/915 960 MHz
Frequency Accuracy ±10 ppm
Transmit Mode Current 140 mA RFOP = +22 dBm
Receive Mode Current 17.5 mA
Sleep mode Current 15 uA AT+MODE=1
Smart receiving power saving mode average current 0.02 2.7 5.5 mA AT+MODE=2,3000,3000
Digital Input Level High 0.7*VDD VDD V VIH
Digital Input Level Low 0 0.3*VDD V VIL
Digital Output Level High 0.9 VDD V VOH
Digital Output Level Low 0.1 V VOL
Cycling (erase / write)Flash data memory 200 K Cycles


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