Online 4G camera


The security cameras with SIM card, often referred to as cellular security cameras or shortened as SIM cameras, operate on the 4G/3G phone network to transmit image and video signals wirelessly.


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Product Summary

  • Bus Camera ,4G Sim Based ,Wifi,Real Time Video, Can use any SIM including Airtel/Voda/Idea/JIO etc,
  • User can put 64 GB memory card which can record upto 45 to 60 Days recording,Easy Setting , no need expert to setup this Camera Inside, 12 V operated.
  • 4G Support upto 2300 MHz Bandwidth which gives user a fast and reliable connectivity in slow network condition
  • 1.5 GB data is sufficient to view 3 to 4 Hrs live monitoring,Auto Switching mode between 3G and 4G to adapt network challenges with least downtime


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