Fuel Level Sensor Escort TD-150


Reliable fuel monitoring is easy.

Escort TD-150 is a high precision capacitive fuel level sensors (FLS), designed to monitor the fuel consumption, loadings, offloadings and thefts on all types of vehicles, including agricultural, construction, mining and other machinery as well as stationary deposits, tanks, generators, etc.


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Technical Characteristics :

  • Measured media : Gasoline, diesel fuel
  • Type of output signal : RS-485, frequency signal, analog signal
  • Resolution ability of digital output signal : 0,1%
  • Resolution ability of analog output signal : 0,25%
  • Frequency signal range : 300…4395 Hz
  • Inaccuracy for measuring the level not more : 1%
  • Characteristic nonlinearity not more : 1%
  • Nominal power voltage : 9…50 V
  • Power consumption, not exceeding : 30 mA
  • Ingress protection rating : IP67
  • Operating temperature range °C : from -60 to +85


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